For those that want quality audio no matter where they are, we can even design an audio system for your UTV and side-by-side. It can be very difficult to work within the space and power 

limitations provided by these vehicles, but that won’t stop us from designing a system to meet your specific needs. 

These applications often require marine grade and highly efficient equipment. We offer the equipment and expertise to have you jamming out in the middle of nowhere in no time.
We can also make sure that you have no problem getting to the middle of nowhere 

with our complete line of UTV and side-by-side upgrades. We offer lift kits, wheels and tires, lighting, plows, heated seats, winches, and more to turn your toy into a custom off-roading machine.

Bluetooth For Greater Convenience

We know you will probably want to use your phone or other portable electronics device as your source unit for your music, so we have Bluetooth integration devices to get your music wirelessly into your stereo system.

Speakers, Amplifiers, And Subwoofers

You are going to need some great-sounding, reliable speakers – and we have the best-sounding, most-reliable products at hand. And since you are going to want to jam, an amplifier is almost a necessity. Side-by-sides have very different requirements for amplifiers; they have to be small so we can fit them into safe locations. They also need to be extremely efficient, since the charging systems in these vehicles are quite limited. And when you couple that with the fact that they need to take lots of abuse, you want to choose someone for installation who understands this category well.

We Do Custom Fabrication

Custom fabrication is more the norm than the exception on a side-by-side, so you want a shop that has a full fabrication facility and capable installers to give you a great-looking, reliable installation.

Add Some Lighting

What goes great with a new audio system? How about some upgraded lighting to increase your nighttime visibility? Once we have outfitted your vehicle with one of our lighting packages, the fun won’t stop at night any longer. If you want the over-the-top look, ask us about our LED accent lighting. It will truly separate your vehicle from the competition.



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